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001-E Introduction : Home
011-E Property Management Contract : 010E-Our activities
101-E Short term Rentals : 100E-Lettings & Rentals
022-E Translations : 010E-Our activities
012-E Tax Returns : 010E-Our activities
002-E More about Us : Home
032-E Garden Maintanence : 030E-Your Home
031-E Swimming pool maintanence : 030E-Your Home
020-E Valuations : 010E-Our activities
103-E Long term rentals : 100E-Lettings & Rentals
014-E Taxation on Rental Income : 110E-Taxes
041-E Electricity : 040E-Utilities
043-E Water : 040E-Utilities
042-E Gas : 040E-Utilities
044-E Telephone : 040E-Utilities
131-E Car Issues : 130E-Transport
132-E Renting a car : 130E-Transport
061-E Multi Risk House Insurance : 060E-Insurances
065-E Insurance staff : 060E-Insurances
053-E Social Security staff : 050E-Staff
111-E Rates : 110E-Taxes
045-E Alarm system - House protection : 040E-Utilities
035-E Repair and Maintenance : 030E-Your Home
071-E Borehole or Well : 070E-Water issues
073-E Water softenors and other : 070E-Water issues
074-E Purification system : 070E-Water issues
081-E Central Heating : 080E-Heating & Cooling
084-E AirCo : 080E-Heating & Cooling
046-E Log fire or woodburning stove : 040E-Utilities
091-E Internet & Broadband : 090E-TV-Sat-Communication
093-E Satelite reception : 090E-TV-Sat-Communication
092-E Cable television : 090E-TV-Sat-Communication
131-E Own car : 130E-Transport
033-E Cleaning lady or company : 030E-Your Home
046-E Logs : 080E-Heating & Cooling
104-E Tax on Rental Income : 110E-Taxes
105-E The whole picture about rentals : 100E-Lettings & Rentals
102-E License for Rentals : 100E-Lettings & Rentals
034-E Condominium rules : 030E-Your Home
062-E Health Insurances : 060E-Insurances
141-E School system in Portugal : 140E-Education
063-E Car Insurance : 060E-Insurances
064-E Travel Insurance : 060E-Insurances
151-E ECOVIA - Cycling track - : 150E-Miscalleneous
019-E Project Management : 010E-Our activities
015-E The Marketing of your property : 010E-Our activities
106-E Holiday Letting Licenses : 100E-Lettings & Rentals
041-E Electricity : 040E-Utilities
021-E Representation : 010E-Our activities

001-D Introductie : Home
002-D Meer over ons : Home
013-D Huur en Verhuur : 010D-Onze activiteiten
019-D Bouwbegeiding : 010D-Onze activiteiten
011-D Administratie en Beheer : 010D-Onze activiteiten
015-D Marketing verkoop o.g. : 010D-Onze activiteiten
016-D Aankoop van O.G. : 010D-Onze activiteiten
121-D Assistentie bij maken testament : 120D-Andere Diensten
122D- Vertalingen : 120D-Andere Diensten

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001-E Introduction


A company was founded on 03-06-2016.

Official name: : ROBAN Realestate Actividades Unipessoal Ldª  NIPC: 513 977 627

The owner of the company is RS Real Estate (Act) LLC and the 2 Directors are Enid Hut (Dutch) – 45 as Managing Director, in Portugal since 1977 and Robert M.L. Snapper (Dutch) – 69, the Marketing and Finance Director,  in Portugal also since 1977.

They have worked together professionally for over 20 years and have been in Portugal since 1977 and have known each other since.

In November 2016 Caroline Noterman (Belgium), 38, office assistant, joined our TEAM replacing Naomi Wansink. Caroline has well over 15 years experience in the travel industry and is multi lingual (6 languages)

In fact is ROBAN ReAct Ldª the continuation / rejuvenation of a previous company called "Ricola Algarvia Mediação Imobiliário Unipessoal Ldª." in which both Enid and Robert were active.

That company had as their main activity Real Estate (licensed estate agent) and as a secondary activity "Property Management and Rentals". As I had the intension to stop with real estate due to age and also wanted to reduce workload I decided to wind up the company.

For that reason as from 2010 we continued working in individual names in the same field. As it turned out that working was not a burden to me and also due to the increased volume of work I felt it preferable to set up a new company which also protects the interest of our clients better as "the company never dies"


The new company covers the following fields with behind the respective websites where you can find additional information:


1.   Administration and Management of properties:

2.   Letting of your property:                           

3.   Consultancy & Advice:                              

·        Fiscal Representation for individuaks as well as companies

·        Tax Returns

·        Tax advice

·        Translations

·        Acting on your behalf (Power of Attorney)

·        Asssiting inheritance procedures

·        Assisting making Wills

·        Providing fiscal address

4.   Marketing of properties:                           

5.   Assisting with buying and selling:              

·        Valuations

6.   Providing free general information:            

7.   General information through Facebook:    

8.   Buying and Selling of properties


On the left hand side you will find info on many topics divided in various categories. 

Information about what we do and can assist you with you will find under "Our Activities"

You will also find many articles and information on other topics as well; all real estate related which could be also of interest to you. As we are in the process of re organizing our websites many articles are not visible yet but under construction. 

At this stage most of the articles are in Dutch or English as the majority of our clients come from those countries. However it is our intention to add in the future also articles and info in other languages like Portuguese, German, French and Spanish.  

The aim of this website is for people who are considering purchasing a place in the sun either for permanent living or as a second home to get a better inside view what is involved in having a place here. 

We can help and assist you in this venture from the very beginning till after the sale of your property. In case you are interested you can take advantage of our 40 year Portugal experience.

Of course this website also can be used for people who have already a property here or those who are already our client.

Our contact details are:

Office Adress: Rua Dr. Paulo J. Godinho, Lote 5, 8600-774 Lagos Portugal

Telephone office: +351 282768821 or 282768 22

Enid F. Hut: or mobile +351 917303629

Caroline Noterman: or mobile +351 916200665

Robert M.L. Snapper: or mobile +351 917566931

Web sites:  and/or


Clients account:G.G.D - Lagos (IBAN) PT50003503870004392883082   BIC CGDIPTPL


You can read the whole article on:   or by clicking on 02-E About us..

Author: Robert M.L. Snapper.


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