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001-E Introduction : Home
011-E Property Management Contract : 010-E-Our activities
101-E Short term Rentals : 100-E-Lettings & Rentals
022-E Translations : 010-E-Our activities
012-E Tax Returns : 010-E-Our activities
129-E Price list : 120-E-Other services
123-E Assistance with the sale : 120-E-Other services
124-E Assistance with purchase. : 120-E-Other services
160-E Price List Services : 160-E Price List
133-E Know your clients : 150-E-Miscalleneous
002-E More about Us : Home
032-E Garden Maintanence : 030-E-Your Home
031-E Swimming pool maintanence : 030-E-Your Home
020-E Valuations : 010-E-Our activities
103-E Long term rentals : 100-E-Lettings & Rentals
014-E Taxation on Rental Income : 110-E-Tax services
041-E Electricity : 040-E-Utilities
043-E Water : 040-E-Utilities
042-E Gas : 040-E-Utilities
044-E Telephone : 040-E-Utilities
131-E Car Issues : 130-E-Transport
132-E Renting a car : 130-E-Transport
061-E Multi Risk House Insurance : 060-E-Insurances
065-E Insurance staff : 060-E-Insurances
053-E Social Security staff : 050-E-Staff
111-E Rates : 110-E-Tax services
045-E Alarm system - House protection : 040-E-Utilities
035-E Repair and Maintenance : 030-E-Your Home
071-E Borehole or Well : 070-E-Water issues
073-E Water softenors and other : 070-E-Water issues
074-E Purification system : 070-E-Water issues
081-E Central Heating : 080-E-Heating & Cooling
084-E AirCo : 080-E-Heating & Cooling
046-E Log fire or woodburning stove : 040-E-Utilities
091-E Internet & Broadband : 090-E-TV-Sat-Communication
093-E Satelite reception : 090-E-TV-Sat-Communication
092-E Cable television : 090-E-TV-Sat-Communication
131-E Own car : 130-E-Transport
033-E Cleaning lady or company : 030-E-Your Home
046-E Logs : 080-E-Heating & Cooling
104-E Tax on Rental Income : 110-E-Tax services
105-E The whole picture about rentals : 100-E-Lettings & Rentals
102-E License for Rentals : 100-E-Lettings & Rentals
034-E Condominium rules : 030-E-Your Home
062-E Health Insurances : 060-E-Insurances
141-E School system in Portugal : 140-E-Education
063-E Car Insurance : 060-E-Insurances
064-E Travel Insurance : 060-E-Insurances
151-E ECOVIA - Cycling track - : 150-E-Miscalleneous
019-E Project Management : 010-E-Our activities
015-E The Marketing of your property : 010-E-Our activities
106-E Holiday Letting Licenses : 100-E-Lettings & Rentals
041-E Electricity : 040-E-Utilities
113-E Fiscal Representation : 110-E-Tax services
101-E Application AL License : 100-E-Lettings & Rentals
021-E Fiscal Representation : 010-E-Our activities
112-E Tax Returns : 110-E-Tax services

001-D Introductie : Home
017-D Permanent naar Portugal verhuizen : 010-D-Onze activiteiten
123-D Assistentie bij verkoop : 120-D-Andere Diensten
Erfbelasting : 110-D-Belasting diensten
: 010-D-Onze activiteiten
018-D Assistentie bij kleine verbouwingen : 120-D-Andere Diensten
022-D Taxaties : 010-D-Onze activiteiten
002-D Meer over ons : Home
013-D Verplichtingen bij Huur en Verhuur : 010-D-Onze activiteiten
093-D Satelliet televisie en posities : 090-D-Com-Sat-TV
021-D Belastingvertegenwoordiging : 010-D-Onze activiteiten
101-D AL Vergunning : 100-D-Huur en Verhuur
020-D Bemiddeling bij verhuur : 010-D-Onze activiteiten
019-D Bouwbegeleiding : 010-D-Onze activiteiten
011-D Onroerend goed beheer : 010-D-Onze activiteiten
015-D Marketing verkoop o.g. : 010-D-Onze activiteiten
016-D Aankoop van O.G. : 010-D-Onze activiteiten
121-D Assistentie bij maken testament : 120-D-Andere Diensten
113-D Belastingvertegenwoordiging : 110-D-Belasting diensten
042-D Gas : 040-D-Nutsvoorzieningen
043.D Water : 040-D-Nutsvoorzieningen
041-D Electriciteit : 040-D-Nutsvoorzieningen
014-D Jaarlijkse Assistentie : 010-D-Onze activiteiten
124-D Assistentie bij aankoop : 120-D-Andere Diensten
112-D Belastingaangiftes : 110-D-Belasting diensten
122-D Vertalingen : 120-D-Andere Diensten
134-D Ken Uw klant : 150-D-Diversen

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More and more people decide to come and live in Portugal and start a new life. Quite often now people are not prepared to wait till the education of their children has been completed in their home country. There is no doubt to my mind that a good and sound education will be the corner stone of a child’s future. For parents with children the Algarve has the following to offer.
Basically there are two options:
• State schools
• Foreign – language international schools.

National education system

The school year begins in September, normally around the 15th.  It is divided into three terms, with a two-week break at Christmas, four weeks at Easter and 10 weeks in the summer.  There are three half-term breaks.

Pre-school (pré-escolar)

Pre-school is voluntary.  Kindergartens (jardim de infância) may take children from two years or earlier until they reach six and can enter the primary school system.  There are both public and private kindergartens, but all should be registered with the Ministry of Education.  Some public ones do not charge fees, but most will have charges for meals or other activities.

Primary education (ensino básico)

Primary education is compulsory for all between age six and fifteen.  It is free, in the sense that there are no fees.  However, school books and other accessories may amount to over £250.  There is a national curriculum. 


Primary education is split into three phases (ciclos).  The first covers years one to four.  At this level a class has only one teacher, who will generally follow the class for all four years.  Generally, a child will progress from one year to the next with their age group.  Class sizes vary between 15 and 30, and there are 25 hours of lessons per week.  The evaluation in the fourth year is more stringent and may result in a child not progressing to the 5th year.  If this occurs the school must design and provide a special programme of remedial teaching.

Education in all Portuguese state schools is free and normally each town has its primary school (escola primário) and the bigger towns have their secondary school (escola secundário). In between these 2 schools the Portuguese systems has a 2-year bridge school (ciclo). Normally young foreign children pick up the Portuguese language pretty quickly and adapt to state schooling.


You may however for personal reasons decide that you wish to give your child a more international education and if so you have the choice off quite a few  recognized English-language schools in the Algarve as well as the rest of Portugal.

Three of them educate pupils up to the age of 16 and the curriculum is the English I.G.C.S.E. level (Internal General Certificate of Secondary Education. The language of instruction is English, although Portuguese is compulsory as a second language. The course is divided in a Primary School (4 to 10 years of age) and a Senior School (11 to 18 years of age).


Below a list of schools available in the Algarve:

Jardim do Alto Nursery and Kindergarden

Pre-school using natural development technique for crafts, cooking, gardening and play. At Tavira.

Vale Verde International School

Primary and secondary education for children upt to 16 years old. Teacher student ratio 1 to 7. At Estrada de Burgau, Senhora da Luz Burgau Apartado 125, 8601-917 Lagos.

Aljezur International School

IGCSE education for 10-17 age group. Cambridge International exam centre. Shuttle bus to Lagos, Luz and other areas.

Barlavento Campus of the International School of the Algarve

A private day school for boys and girls aged 4 to 11 years old. The school follows the English national curriculum in most subjects. Caixa, 250-Z Ferrel, Espiche, 8600-110 Lagos.

Dyslexia Support Teacher

Academic support program for students with dyslexia and dyspraxia, following primary and secondary curriculums in English. 

Nobel International School Algarve

English speaking school, for GCSEs and A levels and a Portuguese curriculum. Co-ed school ages 3-18, located 40 minutes from Faro international airport. En-suite boarding, 1 or 2 students ages 12 to 18 per room. English language summer school ages 12-18.

Galore Park Publishing Ltd

Publisher of educational resources for pupils: a wide range of textbooks suitable for children aged 8 covering all the key subject areas available to support childrens learning at home as well as home education.

Colegio da Penina

Co-educational, non-denominational school for children aged from 3 to 18 years. Located at Urbanizacaro Encosta da Penina, Alvor, 8500 Portimao.

BeON Study Academy

Homework help, project help and support preparing for upcoming tests and an after-school program. 28 teacher staff, at 2 locations in Loule and 3 in Albufeira.

The Academy

International school following British National Curriculum for all students, including English, mathematics and science subjects. English as a second language available for children and parents. At Almancil.

Colegio Santiago Internacional Tavira

International school covering foundation, primary and secondary education, following a modified National Curriculum of England with emphasis in bilingual English and Portuguese learning. At Praca Zacarias Guerreiro 29, Tavira.

KSI Algarve Unipessoal, Lda

Private international school for boys and girls having the international baccalaureate educational programme for students aged 3 – 18. English is the primary language of instruction, Portuguese and second language learning op...

Vilamoura International School (CIV)

International nursery, primary, middle, secondary and English studies schools. Pupils learn English and Portuguese as first languages up to age of 10. English national curriculum taught. Located at Sitio das Quintinhas Apartado 856, 8125-911 Vilamoura.

Estetica para Profissionais

Lagos-based professional beauty and massage training courses and product supply for the professional beauty industry in Portugal. 23 Rua Soeiro da Costa, Lagos.



Date Inserted: 15 July 2007
Last Updated: 31 October 2017
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